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About Us

fieldday.jpgAgriparts and Repairs began its life some 30 years ago in Australia, originally supplying all types of spare parts for farmers.

Through the dedication of our founder, Peter Cushing, our customer base grew literally into the thousands, initially in Western Australia, and eventually all around Australia, making us the obvious choice for most in the agricultural sector.

Of course, over that time Australia's economy grew and diversified. Mining came to the fore¦ And we grew with it!

œAustralia's best-equipped distributor

Agriparts and its affiliated dealer network is now Australia's best-equipped distributor of components for major industries like mining, agriculture, engineering and construction.

Directors Brendan Beale and Paul Hicks are extremely proud of having taken the company into the top tier of Australian enterprises in this field. They are even more cognisant of their roots, and take huge pleasure in knowing that many of the firm's earliest customers or their families are still dealing with them today. We give a personal pledge that we will treat even the smallest of orders with the same urgency we offer our corporate clients.


Image from Left: Comer Industries Sales Manager Moris Ravagnani, Agriparts Director Brendan Beale, Comer Industries Sales Director Luciano Olivieri, signing of the Australian Distribution Agreement 2012 


Agriparts and Repairs today boasts a vast range of expertise, employing specialists in most of the industries that they now support. Brendan's background supplying heavy duty transmission products to various mining companies and mine sites like Alcoa, Iluka Resources, Argyle Diamonds, Rio Tinto and BHP, allied with Paul's long experience in farming and agriculture as both a farmer and a supplier of farm machinery illustrates their company's commitment to both fields.

Brendan and Paul thank all those who have stayed with Agriparts over three decades, and invite new clients to contact them in person to discuss their individual requirements.