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SPIKER Liquid System


The Spiker dosing system has been designed for incorporating high
viscosity fluids, such as trace elements, fungicides or soil wetters at very
low rates into the main liquid delivery line.

Spiker removes the need for pre mixing of chemicals in the product tank
which can be both wasteful and inflexible and create issues due to chemical

Compared to mechanical proportional dosing devices, Spiker allows for
application rate of the dosing chemical to be completely independent of the
rate of the main carrier. This provides the farmer with far greater flexibility
and control.

Spiker will work with many control systems that use mapping based
variable rate control.

Example: a farmer wants to apply UAN with variable rates from 30 to 70 L/Ha
while applying fungicide at a constant 3L/Ha. The farmer could use an Ai
70 to control the application of UAN with a Spiker controlling the addition of
fungicide into the UAN. Both application rates can be controlled and monitored
via Ag Leader®, Greenstar™, Topcon, Raven or Trimble monitors.

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