Fri, 26 Apr 2013

Agriparts & Repairs are please announce a new WA distribution agreement with Tyre Shield Pty Ltd 

Tyre Shield goes beyond just punctures, we also keep your tyre pressures constant - Never pump up your tyres again!

When using Tyre Shield the product starts to work for you straight away by forming a protective layer on the inside of your tyre sealing the air in. Many people don’t realize that air can escape through the microscopic pores of a tyre, this is then compounded by heat and the intense friction caused by contact with the road. Air can even escape from a tyre when your vehicle is not in use. Tyre Shield will not allow any air to escape through the pores in rubber tyres. A correctly inflated tyre can save you up to 30% in tyre wear. That works out to a R 300 saving per every R 1000 your tyre costs you - and considering that Tyre Shield will only cost you an average of R 100 per tyre to treat, can you afford not to use it?

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